I was in prison, and you visited me

MATTHEW 25: 36

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Our Services

Saint Dismas Outreach Program
St. Joseph Haitian Mission
1210 NW 6th Avenue
​Pompano Beach, FL 33060​

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The Detention Ministry of the Archdiocese of Miami is committed to providing religious services and spiritual companionship to inmates with pastoral teams

at correctional institutions


SDOP is committed to helping families of offenders, children of incarcerated parents, Individuals (ex-offenders), and newly convicted offenders (prison consulting).
SDOP is guiding those seeking spiritual support and information regarding the most suitable local social services to assist the individual or/and family.

Saint Dismas Outreach Program
St. Robert Bellarmine Mission
2640 NW 34th Street
​Miami, FL 33142

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​​Our Vision

Seeing Christ in others


others seeing Christ in us.

We were called, trained and sent

to release the Good News  

to those affected

by the criminal justice system.

Our Mission